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Dynamic's Vast Pipeline Experience and Qualifications

Dynamic Cable's experience in feasibility studies, engineering, placement of aerial and underground Telecommunication's duct banks, petroleum, and natural gas pipelines, petro-chemical, and water and sewer infrastructure has earned it a well respected name and reputation both nationally and internationally.

Construction Methods:

Machine, hand, and excavator trenching, conventional duct plowing, rail plowing (utilizing locomotive powered railroad mounted plows), bridge attachment, under water plowing and jetting, directional boring, joint placement of Telecom duct banks in a common trench with petroleum pipelines, FOG Wire (fiber optical ground wire, this method is where the fiber is secured to cross country power transmission lines via helicopter). Cutting edge technology to place Telecom duct banks and oil /gas pipelines at excessive depths for security purposes.

Geographical Areas of Experience and Expertise:

Heavily populated CBD (Central Business Districts) areas of major cities, urban communities, remote desert terrain, swamplands, jungles, duct placement under city streets, parking lots, backyards, freeways, buildings, over and under major rivers and lakes, oceanic and beach approaches for oil and natural gas pipelines, mountainous terrain, and in the hardest rock formations on earth.

General Practices:

  • Hiring and training as many local workers as possible and patronizing local merchants.
  • Buying direct from U.S. manufacturers assures the customer that quality material and equipment at the best price will be used on their projects, as well as a timely delivery of products.

Proactive Practices:

As numerous magazine articles, customer's testimonials and letters of reference indicate… Dynamic is proactive, rather than reactive, when embarking on projects that will inconvenience people and/or businesses. We send representatives to the cities, communities, and neighborhoods well in advance of any construction commencing. We inform officials, business owners, and local residents of the time frame of our construction and exactly what will be transpiring.

Door hangers are used to give the people and businesses a (24) hour contact phone number and we go out of our way to make sure they are minimally inconvenienced. Many courtesies are implemented to include building temporary walkways with handrails, cleaning windows and washing construction dust off of buildings and sidewalks. By extending these courtesies and keeping the inconveniences to a minimum, the customer is assured of less complaints and a better job.

Plant/System Security Measures:

  • Dynamic offers numerous high-tech security measures that are custom-tailored to protect the fiber and petroleum pipeline projects that it builds. Security programs can also be set up for pipelines (to include hot tap prevention), fiber duct banks, building perimeters, staging areas, etc., that are already in place. These security measures can be custom-tailored to oil refineries, pump stations, harbors, and other facilities and vulnerable sites.
  • In lieu of placing fiber duct banks and petroleum pipelines at great depths to protect the assets from terrorists and vandals, Dynamic can design and implement a security system that is much more cost effective. Click here to learn more about our these security capabilities.
  • In extremely remote areas where depth is the only viable means to ensure the safety of a system, Dynamic will utilize cutting-edge technology to achieve the maximum depth at a reasonable cost.
  • Dynamic can also implement and maintain a (24) hr. reconnaissance and civil air patrol program in high risk areas for fiber and pipeline routes by utilizing UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles).

We're Unique:

The three Dynamic Holding companies cover the gamut of design, engineering, construction, maintenance, monitoring, and security services in the Telecommunications, Wind Energy, and Petroleum industries.

The sister companies work in unison to provide the customer with over thirty two years of experience, an impeccable reputation, and unique capabilities worldwide.

All of which insure the project will be on time, on budget, and unsurpassed in quality.

Asset Security

In lieu of placing fiber duct banks and petroleum pipelines at great depths to protect the assets from terrorists and vandals, Dynamic can design and implement a security system that is much more cost effective.

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Featured Projects

El Paso, TX to Chihuahua City, MX: Long Haul Fiber Project.

For a desert build through the badlands of Mexico, this project, at first glance, seemed typical to Mickey Redwine, CEO of Dynamic Cable, as he performed the pre-engineering feasibility route study from a helicopter. What wasn't expected were the challenges his crews would face from both a Drug Cartel and an extortionary former State Governor.

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The Puente Grande River Bore... "The Devil's Directional Bore" near Guadalajara, Mexico

This bore was one that the local Mexican Nationals said could not be done due to a Devil's Curse. After overcoming many obstacles, the bore was completed and the people of Mexico celebrated with the Dynamic Cable employees as they completed the impossible.

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Dynamic Cable Sets World Record Boring the Potomac River near Washington, D.C.

This crossing required a record 6,600 feet of drill and leave 5" pipe. In order to do the job, Dynamic Cable purchased a boring rig with 436,000 pounds of push/pull force and 57,000 feet/pounds of rotational torque.

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