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The following is just a small sampling of the letters of recommendation Dynamic Cable has received over the years.

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City of New Orleans
Office of the Mayor


I am writing this letter at the request of, and as a recommendation for Mickey Redwine, President of Dynamic Cable Construction Company, Inc.

Dynamic Cable is currently building the cable TV system in the Vieux Carre section of New Orleans for Cox Cable. This is a unique area with many businesses as well as residents, and as such demands unique methods of construction. In spite of the unusual working conditions, the project is currently ten (10) months ahead of schedule.

I would highly recommend Dynamic Cable Construction Company for underground construction projects, and feel their French Quarter project will be a milestone in this area.

Sidney J. Barthelemy

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New Orleans Police Department


As Asst. Night Superintendent of Police for the New Orleans Police Department, I am in charge of Police Operations during the evening hours. I have held this position for the past 4 years. During this time, I have had occasion to observe first hand the operations of Dynamic Cable.

I have found that Dynamic Cable Construction Co., Inc. is the most efficient construction company I have dealt with in the 35 yrs. I have served with the NOPD. Dynamic Cable maintains an adequate police detail to control the flow of traffic so that traffic continues uninterrupted at all times. There is a minimal problem parking when Dynamic Cable is at work.

Before beginning each sector of construction (24 hrs) the residents in the area are properly notified. I have met with residents of the French Quarter and Business District and have heard nothing but compliments concerning the quality of work of Dynamic Cable.

The finished work is such that the area they have proceeded through is restored better than original condition.

Respectfully Submitted,
Captain Anthony Ragusa
Asst. Night Superintendent
New Orleans Police Department

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New Braunfels Utilities

To Whom It May Concern:

On October 17, 1998, the City of New Braunfels experienced a devastating flood. In the days following the catastrophe, NBU crews discovered the largest force main serving New Braunfels had been destroyed by the raging floodwaters of the Guadalupe River. The loss of this main line meant millions of gallons of untreated sewage were flowing unchecked into the river.

NBU was fortunate to secure the services of Dynamic Cable Construction Co. to make a bore under the riverbed with high-powered directional boring equipment. Mickey Redwine was able to assess our damage, submit a bid and begin moving his equipment and crew on site within 24 hours of being contacted.

An engineering and construction feat was completed in 10 days that normally would have called for months of planning and preparation by all parties involved. Dynamic Cable worked tirelessly to complete the bore and allow NBU crews to replace the main line. Their efforts helped eliminate a significant problem not only for the residents of New Braunfels, but also for communities downstream. Their speed, professionalism and cooperation were truly appreciated by NBU.

Paula DiFonzo
General Manager

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Jones Communications

Dear Mickey.

Jones Communications of Maryland has had an ambitious plan to construct a major fiber network in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. When we were faced with the task of connecting Alexandria, Virginia with Prince Georges County, Maryland, we had quite an obstacle in the way; the Potomac River. With the help of Dynamic Cable, our goal was realized.

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the tremendous effort put forth by you and your team. A 6800' directional bore is obviously no small undertaking. Frankly, I wasn't so sure we weren't biting off more than we could chew. When Dynamic arrived, it was obvious we were in good hands. The skill and professionalism displayed made me (and the company) confident that the job would get done. From setup to breakdown, your team truly made an almost impossible job seem easy. Even when the river bed wouldn't cooperate, there was never a doubt about attaining success.

More importantly, and not to be overlooked, was the personal attention (OK, hand holding) you gave me and my staff throughout the project. You and your team were available to meet and give updates at a moments notice throughout the project. You brought in the right team and the right equipment to get a difficult job done. I am forever grateful.

You can be certain that if ever I need to get a major directional boring job done, you'll be the first to get the call. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use me.

Very Truly Yours.
Thomas J. Gorman
Senior Director of Engineering
Jones Communications

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Intermedia Communications Inc.

Dear Mickey:

Intermedia Communications Inc., (ICI), would like to take this opportunity to both thank and congratulate Dynamic Cable for the recently successful completion of underground construction for the St. Louis Alternative Access Telecommunications System, in St. Louis, Missouri.

I would like to commend your Organization for their professionalism and relentless commitment to completing the aforementioned Project ten (10) days ahead of the very aggressive completion date. The quality of construction performed by your crews met or exceeded most of my initial expectations. It was the intangible items however, that have left the best impression with me. The quality and neat appearance of your equipment, clean and organized construction staging areas and final restoration, which exceeded all applicable city, county and state requirements, prove that the Dynamic Cable management team are dedicated to maintaining Industry leading standards at all costs.

Your Project Superintendent, Bob Edwards, although fairly inexperienced in the Telecommunications Industry, deserves a great deal of credit for overcoming some very difficult obstacles in order to accomplish the task assigned to him. I look forward to participating on future projects with Mr. Edwards and hope that he will be available to represent Dynamic on similar ventures that may be forthcoming.

As an Engineering representative of Intermedia Communications, I want to once again thank your Organization for a job well done.

Joey Faircloth
Network OSP Engineer

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City of Mobile
Mobile, Alabama

Dear Sir:

The City of Mobile was the sight of one of your maintenance projects in late 1990. The project was coordinated through the City Engineering Department. We were pleased with the way Mr. Fred Lefevre prepared for the project, and in the communications with other MCI personnel such as Mr. Scott Alexander and Mr. Steve Martin.

There have been other instances where there had been advance preparation for projects within the City of Mobile's jurisdiction which did not proceed as well as did MCI's project. This we feel was in large part due to the way that Mr. Mickey Redwine of Dynamic Cable Construction Inc. viewed his company's involvement in the project. Dynamic Cable met or exceeded all of the requirements set forth by the City of Mobile. Representatives of MCI and Dynamic Cable were in constant communication with the City Engineering Department whenever there was any question involving the proper way to proceed with their work. This resulted in an improvement to the area surrounding the project.

The manner in which this project was executed and managed was appreciated by the City Engineering Department.

Sincerely yours,
Robert A. Vogtner, P.E.
Assistant City Engineer

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Holliday Real Estate

Dear Mr. Redwine,

I felt compelled to drop you a short note to compliment the job your crews have done coming through Poplarville. I own several pieces of property that your company has laid cable across and I have been very impressed with the professional manner in which they have performed their jobs.

All to often, people are long on criticism and short on compliments. I want to especially compliment the way your crews have finished the work. The holes have been filled in, smoothed over and seeded. This quality of work does not just happen, but shows the integrity of your company and the pride your employees take in their work. I would like to especially recognize John Spiers and Joe Strickland. You could not have selected any two that would have represented you better.

I have personally thanked them but felt that you should be made aware of their outstanding performance.

Sincerely yours,
Hudson Holliday

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Texas Department of Transportation

Dear Mr. Redwine:

In regards to the work recently completed on FM 407, FM 1171, US 377 and FM 2499 , all in Denton County, the State considers the work completed per State specifications. The pre-construction meeting, cable installation and clean up of the work area went very well. Should the area of cable installation begin to sink within the next year we would expect the areas to be brought back to normal grade.

I personally appreciate the cooperation of yourself, Max Green and E.T. Crawford in resolving any problems, in a timely manner, which arose during this project. We look forward to working with your company on future projects in Denton County.

Bobby Rawlings
Utility / Permit Inspector

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City of Poplarville
Poplarville, MS

Dear Mr. Redwine,

I am writing on behalf of the City of Poplarville in reference to the underground cable work in the City. I would like to take this opportunity to thank your company on the way it has conducted itself with the City. I would also like to commend Joe Strickland. Mr. Strickland represented your company very well and it was a pleasure to be work with him.

Billy Spiers,

Asset Security

In lieu of placing fiber duct banks and petroleum pipelines at great depths to protect the assets from terrorists and vandals, Dynamic can design and implement a security system that is much more cost effective.

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Featured Projects

El Paso, TX to Chihuahua City, MX: Long Haul Fiber Project.

For a desert build through the badlands of Mexico, this project, at first glance, seemed typical to Mickey Redwine, CEO of Dynamic Cable, as he performed the pre-engineering feasibility route study from a helicopter. What wasn't expected were the challenges his crews would face from both a Drug Cartel and an extortionary former State Governor.

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The Puente Grande River Bore... "The Devil's Directional Bore" near Guadalajara, Mexico

This bore was one that the local Mexican Nationals said could not be done due to a Devil's Curse. After overcoming many obstacles, the bore was completed and the people of Mexico celebrated with the Dynamic Cable employees as they completed the impossible.

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Dynamic Cable Sets World Record Boring the Potomac River near Washington, D.C.

This crossing required a record 6,600 feet of drill and leave 5" pipe. In order to do the job, Dynamic Cable purchased a boring rig with 436,000 pounds of push/pull force and 57,000 feet/pounds of rotational torque.

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